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Wonder Dog University gives your dog modern training and behavior keys to unlock potential, solve real life problems, and tackle serious issues. Move from googling down rabbit holes of conflicting, confusing, and often damaging advice to making the most of your precious time with evidence based dog training.
It's never too late or too early to start training your dog!


Serving these areas in Charleston, South Carolina:

Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms, Sullivans Island, Daniel Island,
Downtown Charleston and much of North Charleston. See map here.

Not in one of our service areas?

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Your Place to Connect Dog Training with Real Life.

Through WDU’s highly recommended In-Person and Online dog training, we've got you covered.
From our Group Classes for puppies and adults to our results driven specialties of modifying
Separation Anxiety and Reactive behaviors
, you'll be inspired with a confident sense of
“Hey! I truly can upgrade life with my dog!”

Experience the difference. Work with independently certified trainers,
who use only 
Modern Dog Training Methods, have decades of experience and a big love of dogs and their people!


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Group Classes

Classes kept small, so you get success. Provided by independently certified trainers, using only
Modern Dog Training Methods with decades of experience and a big love of dogs and their people!


Reform School

The ultimate class¬†for impulse control. Train your dog to not ‚Äúlose it‚ÄĚ on walks.


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AKC CGC Workshops

Grab your entry-level AKC CGC or Urban CGC certificate.


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Puppy Classes

Returning Soon.
Stay Tuned!


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Private Consults

Wonder Dog University offers In-Person or Online Training.
You and your dog will learn Modern Dog Training Methods to get practical,
long lasting results, addressing your dog's specific needs. 
Set yourselves up for a lifetime of success!


In-Person or Online Training Consults

Your trainer meets with you and your dog in-person or online to teach you both how to address your training wish list, coaching you both how to train for personalized, real-life results! 


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Separation Anxiety Recovery Program

Work with our Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT). Get the relief your dog and you deserve. Start with an Initial Consult so we may assess your needs and provide helpful tips and resources.


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Day Training

Your trainer meets with just your dog at your home to work with your dog. Known as "Day Training," we train your dog for you & provide tutorials, plus meet with you every other session. Service Area Limited


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Shelter and Rescue Discount

As former shelter and rescue workers and volunteers we support these efforts, offering discounted introductory training for dogs in shelters, rescues, foster homes and newly adopted dogs just settling in.


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We are a team of nationally certified, professional dog trainers. WDU is your trusted dog behavior and training resource. Through our many years of animal behavior study and hands-on work with thousands of dogs we have created a place where you can find reliable information smart dog people can trust. We make training understandable and practical. Our mission is to deliver Modern Training you and your dog can grasp and use instantly.


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What science is saying about Modern Dog Training


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AVSAB Position Statement: Humane Training
AVSAB Position Statement: Dominance Theory
AVSAB Position Statement: Use of Punishment
AVSAB Position Statement: Early Socialization
AAHA Statement: Early Behavior & Training

Raving Happy Clients!


Donna & Bill Temple with Brinkley

I feared you wouldn't be able to help Brinkley, that she was too far "gone." Boy was I happy to be wrong! The lessons were a marvel! I was so impressed with how easily you seemed to read Brinkley and to coax her along. It was amazing.


Lou Demarinis with Ava

C.C. did a great job instilling confidence that with hard work any problem can be overcome, and with her help it was. My favorite part was establishing an even better relationship with my pet.


Sherri & Jim Grady with Teddy

I am so very thankful for C.C. She helped me actually understand him so much better. I was absolutely amazed at how Teddy responded to the lessons and to C.C. I saw immediate improvement after one lesson which was priceless.


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