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Separation Anxiety Dog Training

Trust a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer specializing in this debilitating behavior disorder.

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Separation Anxiety is a common anxiety disorder among puppies and dogs in which a genuine panic attack occurs when a dog is left alone.

It can be present from birth or triggered by a life change; move, divorce, marriage, arrival of a new baby, death of a person or another family pet, or simply just getting older can all contribute to the development of separation anxiety. Many studies are revealing there may also be a genetic predisposition to separation anxiety that leaves a dog vulnerable to this disorder developing.

Without treatment, Separation Anxiety does worsen over time. But take heart, results are possible! Treating the condition requires time and patience, but with Wonder Dog University's very high success rate, there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel to motivate you. Our program will show your dog how to relax and truly enjoy a new found independence with alone time.


Are you unable to leave your dog alone without:

  • Your dog pacing and panting as he becomes agitated fearing your departure?
  • Window frames, drywall, furniture, or other items being damaged?
  • Complaints that your dog has been howling or barking during the day?
  • Your dog having self-inflicted chewing or licking wounds due to anxiousness?
  • Dreading leaving knowing how distressed and unconsolable your dog will be?

It doesn’t have to be like this. We can teach your dog to enjoy being home alone.

NOTE: Wonder Dog University uses Modern Training, science-based  techniques. No choke, slip or prong collars are permitted in class.

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Due to the unique nature of separation anxiety and the most effective treatment protocols used by experts CSATs, we can work with dogs and their people suffering from this disorder anywhere in the world! This is fantastic. More help for more people!

We make the most of our time together via live online video and data sharing technology. It makes the most sense. Your dog won't display anxiety behaviors with you or a friendly trainer present. It's not a natural set-up for us to work on this. We need to watch your dog while we are away from the home environment. With the help of technology, it's a great time to make the most of these tools!

  • When you click Get Started Now, you will access registration for a One Hour Initial Online Video Consult.
  • You will complete a brief Questionnaire to provide details so we may make the most of our consult.
  • Next, schedule a time that's convenient for our Initial Consult.
  • C.C. will personally review your details and meet with you to discuss your case, determine how we can work together and tell you about this results driven program!
  • If you are able to commit to the program, we set that up on the call or as soon as you are able to start.
  • From our Initial Phone Consult, you are provided our Pre-Assessment prep materials to start learning and setting up for success.
  • On the program start date, we conduct a Live Video Assessment of your dog during a real life departure from the home.
  • Next, we review our findings of that evaluation and C.C. will help you understand why your dog is reacting this way and explain the process we will begin for treating the separation anxiety.
  • A Customized Training and Support Package is developed for your dog’s case and your lifestyle.
  • We continue to work closely together to modify your dogs reaction to being alone.
  • We are on our way! You will be supported every step of the way to improve your quality of life and your dog’s.
  • Breathe Easy & Enjoy Your Relaxed Dog!

Wonder Dog University's creates individualized packages for this specialized training of separation anxiety cases. Rates are based on the nuances of the individual case which are discovered, detailed and determined in the Initial Phone Consult.

One Hour Initial Private Video Consult - $75

Take the Initial Questionnaire!

If your dog's suffering from separation anxiety and you'd like us to consider working with you, please complete the following questionnaire and schedule a live one hour video consult with us. Filling out this questionnaire does not guarantee that we will be able to accept your case. However, we will be able to determine your dog's needs and provide guidance for options available to help your dog, whether that be working with us in our program or other options.
We look forward to helping you!

End the Barking, Destruction and Frustration. Separation Anxiety Is treatable!

You've found the program with the most successful, long lasting results!

Do you come home worried what destruction awaits when you open the door? The neighbors complaining about barking? Is your dog even harming himself when you leave?  Do you feel that your dog’s behavior is holding you captive?

It’s time. Foster confidence & independence in your dog.

No more replacing crates, rugs, doors, drywall and mess to clean. No more uncomfortable talks with neighbors about barking when you are away. No more vet visits due to your dog’s self-inflicted injuries when anxious. No more worry.

Approximately three out of four dogs find complete relief from the latest treatment program and all find improvement. We can teach you how to implement a plan tailored to meet your dog’s needs. We’ll guide you through every phase, cheer you on when you are frustrated and fine tune solutions together.

Separation Anxiety is overwhelming and exhausts both owners and their dogs.

Sadly this condition does not improve without treatment.

Dogs don't just "get over" this issue. Millions of dogs experience mild to severe separation anxiety, spiraling into genuine panic when left alone and turning their owners’ worlds upside down. It can effect every facet of well-being for both of you.

Success does take commitment and patience, but please don’t give up on your friend! There is a path available to improvement. We can change how your dog feels about being alone. We understand as we've taken our own dogs through this program and hundreds of happy clients. See that light at the end of the tunnel now?