Reform School Video Samples


Zoe, Arlo & Moose

On walks, we all come across tight spaces. When out for a walk with a reactive dog, this can be very frightening to you and your dog...
Unless you've been to Growl Class and know what to do!


Arlo & Moose

Wouldn't it be so nice if your dog didn't lunge forward
when passing by another dog out on a walk?...
Growl Class students know how!


Suki and Keys

Wonder Dog University teaches you and your dog how to work
as a team with mad skills to move your dog in a positive direction...
See what our students get access to!


Just Out for a Walk. No Big-ee.

Yep, all of these dogs were not friends when we started,
but look at them now! We are so confident that
our final class is held in a public park!...

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