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Day Training by WDU

No Time To Train Your Dog? We Can Help.


Dogs & People That Benefit the Most!

  • Busy People with long hours leaving¬†limiting time available to train.
  • Very Young Puppies¬†who need limited exposure but also need to develop safe socialization and mental and physical skills.
  • Timid Dogs¬†overwhelmed in a group setting¬†get to build confidence.
  • Dogs that are not ready for a Group Class setting due to the high distraction level.
  • Owners with Limited Mobility or dexterity for training but can otherwise handle a leashed dog.
  • Clients within the Day Training Service Area:¬†Daniel Island and within 5 miles north on Clements Ferry, Mount Pleasant (south of IOP Connector), North Charleston (Park Circle area).


Behaviors NOT Suited for Day Training...

  • Housetraining¬†requires daily, active participation from all family members. Choose Private¬†Training,¬†where you can be¬†directly involved. We will provide you¬†with the best Housetraining program based on your schedule, home layout and needs of your pup or dog..
  • Aggressive Behaviors, whether directed toward people or other dogs, these are best addressed with an Initial Consult. This way, we can assess the causes of the behavior and determine the best course of action to get you the best results.


NOTE: Wonder Dog University uses only Modern Dog Training, science-based  techniques.
No choke, slip, prong collars or shock collars are permitted in training.

New Clients - Before Booking Day Training, we require an Initial Consult


5 SESSION PKG. - $840
10 SESSION PKG. - $1650


  • We'll gather a few details about your dog's needs via a brief Pre-Consult Questionnaire when you register, so we can dig in at that first session.
  • Sessions are scheduled and¬†your trainer handles everything for you, training your dog at your home!
  • Each session is one (1) hour long. We prefer to schedule three (3) days a week to build on the skills your dog is learning. Consistency is key.
  • Training Logs, detailing the day‚Äôs¬†training and your dog‚Äôs progress, are provided each visit, so you can start incorporating and enjoying your dog's new found talents.
  • Tutorials - both written and video - explaining the training¬†exercises for each skill taught to your dog are shared, so you can follow along.
  • Any questions you may have can be addressed as well. We meet with you and your dog¬†mid-training package.
  • Recap Session - The final session of any package length is with you and your dog for a full hour to recap all of the training. This meeting is dedicated to making sure you are comfortable with how to use the new cues and skills your dog has learned.
  • Enjoy your dog‚Äôs new skills at home or out on the town!


Day Training for Quick Progress!

Known as "Day Training," this is the white glove alternative to old fashioned bootcamps. We train your dog for you at home.

  • Super convenient,
  • Gets focused results fast,
  • Keeps your dog safe and stress free.

Your dog trains in one hour sessions in our climate controlled training center. Old fashioned "bootcamps" require you send your dog away where the potential for exposing your pup to a stressful environment can be high, and long periods of time are often spent in a noisy kennel run between training sessions. 

  • Day Training¬†is shaped to meet your needs with a customized program.
  • Your trainer takes the lead, works directly with your¬†dog to make the most of the training time.
  • This frees your time to review our provided notes and tutorials at a time more convenient for you.

The focus can be on Basic Manners or Behavior Modification for many problem behaviors in need of attention. Sometimes our dogs simply need to brush up on skills, like Loose Leash Walking or an unexpected problem behavior has popped up since their last training session. Tell us what your dog needs to work on.

The #1 reason for puppy or dog surrender is the development of behavioral issues.
Read the AVSAB and AAHA position statements and recommendations on early training and socialization.

Due to the frequency of visits for this type of training, Day Training is only available to clients in the following Service Areas:
Daniel Island and within 5 miles north on Clements Ferry, Mount Pleasant (south of IOP Connector), North Charleston (Park Circle area).

Outside these areas? Take advantage of Dog Training Online. Get focused results without delay from the comfort of home! Access Live Online Training!