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AKC URBAN Canine Good Citizen Test Prep Class

Includes URBAN CGC Test - 12 Months to Seniors!

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Grab your American Kennel Club URBAN Canine Good Citizen certification. This class helps you and your dog use your CGC skills under distraction in outdoor settings, plus adds several other useful skills for life together on the go.

Here are the topics we'll cover:

  • How to get your dog to focus on you with distractions.
  • How to greet people and dogs politely
  • How to teach your dog to build impulse control, settle and relax.

Urban CGC Skills Taught and Tested:

Test 1: Exit/enter doorway with no pulling in dog-friendly buildings.
Test 2: Walk through a crowd on a busy urban sidewalk.
Test 3: Appropriate reaction to city distractions; movement, noises, and walking on a variety of surfaces.
Test 4: Crossing street: Stop at corner, stand or sit to wait and cross with no pulling on leash.
Test 5: Ignore food on sidewalk; dropped food, or cups, bags, cans, in which food was wrapped
Test 6: Person walks up and pets the dog. Person may be carrying an item. 
Test 7: In a dog friendly Public Building walks under control in building. Down stay (3 min) in lobby or outdoor area, or waits while owner has a meal or snack. 
Test 8: Stairs, steps, or elevator under control.
Test 9: Housetrained for apartment, condo, city living. Owner may verify this item. Evaluator may also observe in public buildings or in training classes.
Test 10: Transportation. Car. Enters/exits, remains under control during the ride, allows to be put in/taken out) under control.

To pass the CGCU test, dogs must pass all 10 items of the test.

With dogs sharing our lives more closely than ever, it's important that each dog is given a real-life education. Many behavioral issues can easily be prevented by knowing how to train the behaviors you do want in the first place, making living with your dog easier.

WHEN: Meets for 6 sessions, once a week for 1 hour each class. Includes online video Orientation of Training Foundations exercises.
LOCATION: Portside Veterinary Hospital in Mount Pleasant and various outdoor locations nearby.
*Prerequisites: Dogs should be at least 12 months of age on class START DATE. 
Passing the initial CGC Test is required prior to taking the URBAN CGC Test. If your dog does not yet hold their CGC Certification, we recommend first taking our CGC TEST PREP CLASS or taking the CGC Test and passing prior to this class.

Learn more about the American Kennel Club's URBAN CGC Certification here:
URBAN CGC (Canine Good Citizen.)

NOTE: Wonder Dog University uses only Modern Training and behavior modification methods. No choke, slip, prong or e-collars are permitted in class.

April 19, 6pm - Portside Vet Hospital in Mount Pleasant

See It In Action!

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