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The Wonder Dog University Dog Trainer Team Delivers:

  • Useful skills and solutions in line with your real life needs. We are listening to you.
  • A fun and effective learning process for you and your dog.
  • Only Modern Training, evidence-based methods you can be proud of.
  • The very latest in training and behavior intel from our ongoing continuing education studies.
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C.C. Bourgeois

"I love to nurture relationships and build communication between dogs and people. I still get so excited whenever they have breakthrough moments!"

C.C. Bourgeois is a nationally certified, professional dog trainer, CSAT Staff Member with Malena DeMartini and a Victoria Stilwell Trainers Academy Faculty Advisor. The owner of Wonder Dog University (WDU), based in Charleston, South Carolina, she wants WDU to be your trusted dog behavior and training resource. Through her many years of animal behavior study and hands-on work with thousands of dogs she and her team have created a place where you can find reliable information and Pro Resources smart dog people can trust. She wants you to know you have a team behind you, making training understandable and practical. Focused on understanding your dog's perspective and your needs, she and her team strive to deliver training that both you and your dogs can grasp and use instantly.

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Christine Baker

"I love helping families to enjoy their dog again - they’re supposed to be man’s best friend, after all, not his ball & chain! There’s nothing like watching two different species learn to speak each other’s languages.”

Christine Baker is C.C.’s right-hand woman at Wonder Dog University. They were fortunate enough to cross paths through sheltering and animal welfare, when Christine worked in the Behavior Department at Charleston Animal Society, a team formerly led by C.C.! As Training Coordinator, Christine acts as administrative lead under C.C., while also teaching clients via private consults and group classes. Christine helps families to navigate life with their pets, whether that means puppy socialization or reactivity and aggression. She also runs her own training company based in Charleston, SC, known as Bright Mind Canine Services.

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Jessie Sanders

“I love to help people understand our canine companions better, from their physical body signals to what’s motivating their behavior. There are a ton of ways our dogs try to communicate with us, and life with them is so much more fun when we take the time to learn their language.”

Jessie Sanders has worked in the animal care industry for just shy of a decade, spending a majority of that time as Lead of the Behavior Department at Charleston Animal Society, where she was fortunate enough to work with both C.C. and Christine! While in this field, she had the opportunity to participate in various internships, seminars, and mentorships, increasing her understanding of canine behavior, and gaining a myriad of skills. At WDU, Jessie assists in training classes and social media management.

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“Respect the individual dog and person. Strive for progress. Provide excellence.” 

-Wonder Dog University