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Supporting you makes our hearts happy!

As former shelter and rescue workers and volunteers, we understand the mission of adoption - increase adoption rates and decrease homeless dog rates and adoption returns. 

To support these efforts and keep adopted dogs in their homes, we offer discounted, introductory training for pups and dogs in shelters, rescues or foster homes. New Adopters can take advantage of this opportunity within the first three months of adoption.
NOTE: discounted rates apply to only an Initial Training Consult and first Package purchased.

Further your efforts - offer Staff, Dogs, Fosters and Volunteers resources and training that makes a positive difference.

  • Your Staff should feel confident and united in their knowledge and skills. Body language and handling training brings less stress and more success!
  • Set Dogs in your care up with skills and to be more relaxed while searching for their new home. They will thrive when they arrive.
  • Give Fosters the needed resources to easily apply and make the most of their foster dog's time with them.
  • Show Volunteers these same evidence based methods to use with every interaction they have with your dogs for optimal outcomes.
  • Refer New Adopters (within 6 months of adoption from your organization) for training or behavior assessments. Get them support as their dog settles in or if issues arise.

Empower Staff, Decrease Stress for Dogs and Improve Adoptability.

With your team working together, using united, consistent methods, skills and knowledge, staff stays safe and feel confident knowing what to do and when to do it.


This is why we offer you our vet recommended premium support at a reduced rate using only the most Modern Training methods that get quick and long lasting results.

The #1 reason for puppy or dog surrender is the development of behavioral issues.
Let's save more lives together.


Programs & Training

  • Collaboration to determine organization needs and plan.
  • "Canine Enrichment Program," implementation based around your resources.
  • “Dog Interactions–Level 1” Volunteer and Staff training.
  • “Meet & Greets” - Teach staff best practices for introducing potential adoptees to current family dogs prior to adoption.
  • Play Group - Educate staff on safety procedures, logistics and body language to start play groups.
  • Dog Training basics for staff or a full program implementation for ongoing training for all dogs in your organization's care.
  • Consulting - Counseling recent Adopters on behavior matters via phone, video and in-person consults.
  • Assessing - facility and protocols improvements for optimal dog behavior to improve adoption rates.


In-Person Training


Individual Training Consultation - $210 ($225 Value)
3 Session Training Package - $600 ($645 Value)

Online Training


Initial Training Consultation - $165 ($180 Value)
3 Session Training Package - $465 ($515 Value)