Sun., 3/15 - PARK WEST VET ASSOCIATES, Mt. Pleasant - 2-4pm

Intensive Workshop for Dogs and Their People.


Working with a truly qualified trainer, using modern training, you and your dog will learn exactly how to manage,  train and modify behaviors and when to do which one.

We remove all barriers to you getting what you need - no smoke and mirrors. Here are the topics we'll cover for a solid foundation:

  • How to get your dog to focus on you.
  • How to teach your dog to settle and relax.
  • How to prevent bad behaviors from starting.
  • How to teach your dog any new skill.
  • How to change problem behaviors for long lasting results.

The #1 reason for puppy or dog surrender is the development of behavioral issues.

With dogs sharing our lives more closely than ever, It's more important that each dog be given a real education. Many behavioral issues can easily be prevented by knowing how to train the behaviors you do want in the first place, making living with your dog easier.

WHEN: Meets 1 time for a 2 hour workshop.
LOCATION: Indoor class sessions - see registration buttons above to choose location.
Discounted 15% with any Puppy Class registration also completed at time of registration.
MUST present proof that age appropriate vaccinations are on schedule.
Class Prerequisite: None.

NOTE: Wonder Dog University uses modern, science-based training methods. No choke, slip or prong collars are permitted in class.

Your Place to Connect Dog Training with Real Life.

Through Wonder Dog University’s highly recommended puppy class series, separation anxiety program and growl classes for reactive dogs, WDU inspires a confident sense of “Hey! I truly can upgrade life with my dog!”

We prove every day that modern training gets the best results and dogs actually learn at their full potential. Move from googling down rabbit holes of conflicting, confusing and often damaging advice to making the most of your precious time with evidence based dog training. Dig in!

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Pat Miller

Pat Miller,

Training Author, Director of
Peaceable Paws

I have worked with C.C. on numerous occasions. I have been consistently impressed both with her skills, her commitment to her own professional education, and her dedication to providing her clients with a top quality, effective and professional service.

David Steele, DVM

David Steele, DVM

Medical Director and Co-Owner.
Advanced Animal Care

I highly recommend Growl Class for all dog lovers. C.C. proficiently helps keep dogs comfortable with low tension, alleviating the anxiety and concern of the people on the other end of the leash. We were taught much about why our dogs react the way they do and were given practical tools for preventing and responding in an appropriate and calm manner.

De Daltorio

De Daltorio

Sr. Director of Humane Education
Charleston Animal Society

C.C. has been our shelter's trusted resources for many years. Teaching workshops, seminars, and classes, she is a powerhouse of knowledge on a variety of subjects including giving puppies the best start possible, aggression and anxiety. She's terrific at providing specific training plans for individuals. Consulting frequently with our veterinarians and staff, we rely on her for expertise and insight.

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