Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is debilitating for dogs and owners

Millions of dogs experience mild to severe separation anxiety, spiraling into genuine panic when left alone and turning their owners' worlds upside down. It can effect every facet of well-being for both.

You and your dog may become stressed and anxious

 Do you come home worrying that when you open the door some form of destruction awaits? Do you feel that your dog's behavior is holding you captive? Sadly this condition does not improve without treatment.

It's a great feeling t to foster confidence & independence in your dog

No more replacing crates, rugs, doors, drywall and mess to clean. No more uncomfortable talks with neighbors about barking when you are away. No more vet visits due to your dog's self inflicted injuries when anxious.

There's great news!

Separation Anxiety Is Treatable!

Approximately three out of four dogs find complete relief from the latest treatment programs and all find improvement. We can teach you how to implement a plan tailored to meet your dog's needs. We'll guide you through every phase, cheer you on when you are frustrated and fine tune solutions together.

Success does take comittment and patience to an intensive process, but please don't give up on your friend when there is a path available to improvement. We can  change how your dog feels about being alone. 


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We serve clients across the United States

Separation Anxiety requires unique treatment protocols which benefit from remote observation and training. With creative and easily used technology, we actively support our clients via Skype or similar tools every step of the way. We help dogs and their families coping with separation anxiety across the country, and in our hometown of Charleston, South Carolina.

We're personally and professionally experienced

Our own experiences drove us to find the best answers and become highly qualified to help you end your dog's suffering. We use only the most modern, successful methods to teach your dog to be independent, confident and calm when you are away.We are personally and professionally experienced with this pain and can empathize. 

Ready for Relief?

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