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C.C Bourgeois

Who is this geek?

Knowing that your dog needs help can be disappointing, especially if you already feel overscheduled and overcommitted. When can you fit in dog training? Just like you, I struggle to get things done on my “should do” and “must do” lists and fit in quality time with friends and family.

Many years ago I adopted Rocco, a Sicilian Greyhound who suffered from severe anxiety. New situations terrified him and he would tremble, physically shut down, or even run away. Happily, I was able to help Rocco change and become more confident. Rather than being a source of stress, he became a source of joy -- joining me in all kinds of adventures.

If you feel frustrated, I can soo relate and I've been there too! Let's help your dog in the same way that I helped Rocco -- with the most progressive techniques of dog training and the latest research on dog behavior. I've got your back, and you can get to the other side!

Susan Marett

Just the facts

These days I’m a busy working Mom trying to fit in soccer games, swim classes, homework, and date night while running two businesses.

I’m also a trainer who is all about offering the very best training methods and behavioral information to my students -- so am sure to attend international conferences, seminars, and workshops several times a year. I keep learning so that you can keep learning too!

You may be juggling an entire family’s schedule and activities, and dog training is one more thing to put on your to-do list. You might also be overwhelmed with the amount of information out there on training.

Used Google lately?!? 

I’m excited about making the training process straightforward and breaking it down into doable steps. Fit training in between school conferences and work? I can help you do it.

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