Kinderpuppy Class

16 - 24 weeks of age

You and your pup made it to Kinderpuppy Class! Well done!

Use games and tricks to sharpen your pup's skills as they mature and become more independent. This is the time to add pro tips and advice to your arsenal of tools, and we've got you covered.

Training focuses on proofing verbal control without using food lures or rewards every time. Exercises include distance Sits in play (for the home, yard, dog parks and off-leash walks), Settle Down, rock-solid Stays, and both On and Off-Leash Walking. Kindergarten will help you teach your growing pup to be calm, attentive and to respond quickly, willingly and happily, especially when distracted.

The #1 reason for puppy or dog surrender is the development of behavioral issues. Training saves lives.

WHEN: Meets for 6 sessions, once a week for 1 hour each class.
NOTE: Orientation Session is Delivered Online Prior to starting class. Sign up ASAP, to review this before your 1st class.
LOCATION: Cainhoy Veterinary Hospital off of Clements Ferry, AND Charleston Harbor Vet Clinic Downtown, with plenty of parking to serve you!
*PrerequisitesPuppies should be between 16 and 24 weeks of age as of class START DATE. 

1.) "VET CERTIFICATE" showing age appropriate vaccinations are on schedule. Click HERE to download and have completed by your vet.

Not required, but strongly recommended for your success - PUPPY PRESCHOOL or an IN-PERSON, INITIAL TRAINING CONSULT prior to class.

NOTE: Wonder Dog University uses modern, science-based training methods.
No choke, slip, prong or electric collars are permitted in class.

Register for upcoming class dates. Class size is limited to 5. Register early to save your spot!
SOLD OUT! June 22, 7:45pm - Cainhoy Veterinary Hospital
SOLD OUT! July 2, 12:30pm - Charleston Harbor Vet Clinic
Register Now! August 10, 7:45pm - Cainhoy Veterinary Hospital
Register Now! August 13, 12:30pm - Charleston Harbor Vet Clinic