A fantastic opportunity for your dog to get a professional trainer’s
one on one attention & make quick progress!

Wonder Dog University's Day Training is a great alternative to old fashioned Bootcamps.

Day Training allows your pet to be at home. Old fashioned Bootcamps usually take place at a facility where the potential for exposing your pup to a stressful environment can be high and long periods of time are often spent in a kennel run between training sessions.

Shaped to meet your particular needs with a customized program, Day Training occurs without your presence. Instead, WDU takes the lead and works directly with your pet to make the most of the training time. The focus can be on Basic Manners or Behavior Modification for any problem behaviors in need of attention. Many WDU clients find it helpful and convenient to couple Day Training with their regularly scheduled Private Lessons or Growl Class to get the most out of our time together. Sometimes pets simply need to brush up on skills like Loose Leash Walking or an unexpected problem behavior has developed since their last training session.

Tell us what works best for you.


  • Dogs with families who work long hours or have many extra activities after work limiting time available to train.
  • Dogs with issues related specifically to their home, neighborhood or other frequented environment.
  • Puppies not past their second set of vaccinations who need limited exposure but also need to develop mental and physical skills.
  • Timid Dogs that would be overwhelmed in a group setting will build confidence.
  • Reactive Dogs that do not do well in a class environment due to the high distraction level.
  • Pets whose owners have limited mobility or dexterity for training but can otherwise handle a leashed pet.


  • Tell us what you need via a brief questionnaire.
  • Together, we’ll determine the best location to conduct the training.
  • Sessions are scheduled and WDU handles everything for you!
  • Report Cards detailing the day’s work and your dog’s progress are provided so  you can start incorporating and enjoying your dog's new found talents.
  • Any questions you may have can be addressed via a call or email to WDU.
  • Tutorials explaining the training used for each skill taught to your pet are emailed.
  • Our final session is with you to recap all of the training. This meeting is dedicated to making sure you are comfortable with how to use the new cues and skills your dog has learned.
  • Enjoy your pet’s new skills at home or out on the town!


Includes recap training with you in our final training session.

Each session is one (1) hour

$610/ 5 Session Package
$1200/ 10 Session Package

Additional charges may apply if travel time is greater than 10 miles.



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