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AKC Trick Dog Workshop

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Join us on our first Workshop Series: AKC Novice Tricks. During this fun workshop, we will strengthen the bond you have with your dog while improving your dog's focus, attention, and enthusiasm. Each workshop focuses on a different set of tricks allowing you to move one step closer to earning your AKC Trick Dog title.

Workshop 1 in the series will focus on the following tricks:

  • Crawl
  • Push Up
  • Shake
  • Get in a Box

*After each workshop in the series, upload a video of you and your dog performing these tricks for review. Once you have completed 10 tricks (or 5 tricks +CGC title), your paperwork will be approved for your ACK Novice Trick Dog title.

Want to grab your Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title? Sign up for the next CGC Prep Class in January and test for the CGC Certification.

Benefits of AKC Trick Dog title:

  • Increases communication between you and your dog. We all wish we could talk to our dogs.
  • Increases self-confidence in you and your dog.
  • Reinforces everyday manners. A dog that trains every day is ready to listen!
  • Increases focus: We help you become more interesting than dirt!
  • Physical and Mental workout for your dog. A healthy dog exercises their body AND brain daily!

WHEN: Saturday, November 12th, 12-2pm.
LOCATION: Wag-N-Dash, 4600 Ruff Rd, Unit E, North Charleston, SC 29414
*Prerequisite: A fun attitude. 

For your optimal success, graduation from our CGC TEST PREP CLASS or comparable training experience is recommended, but not required.

Click here to learn more about the American Kennel Club's Trick Dog Certification.


NOTE: Wonder Dog University uses only Modern Training and behavior modification methods.
No choke, slip, prong or e-collars are permitted in class.

GRAB YOUR SPOT! Nov. 12th, 12-2pm - Wag-N-Dash, North Charleston