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C.C. Bourgeois

"I love to nurture relationships and build communication between dogs and people. I still get so excited whenever they have breakthrough moments!"

C.C. Bourgeois is a nationally certified, professional dog trainer, CSAT Staff Member with Malena DeMartini and a Victoria Stilwell Trainers Academy Faculty Advisor. The owner of Wonder Dog University (WDU), based in Charleston, South Carolina, she wants WDU to be your trusted dog behavior and training resource. Through her many years of animal behavior study and hands-on work with thousands of dogs she and her team have created a place where you can find reliable information and Pro Resources smart dog people can trust. She wants you to know you have a team behind you, making training understandable and practical. Focused on understanding your dog's perspective and your needs, she and her team strive to deliver training that both you and your dogs can grasp and use instantly.

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Christine Baker

Christine Baker is C.C.’s right-hand woman at WDU. They were fortunate enough to cross paths through shelter and animal welfare work when Christine worked in the Behavior Department at Charleston Animal Society, a team formerly led by C.C.! Christine acts as a lead trainer under C.C., teaching clients via private consults and group classes. She helps families navigate life with their dogs, via  puppy socialization or reactivity and aggression work. 

"I love helping families to enjoy their dog again - they’re supposed to be man’s best friend, after all, not his ball & chain! There’s nothing like watching two different species learn to speak each other’s languages.”

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Jessica Lichty

Jessica has a passion for teaching AND animals and is so excited to meld the two as a group class training assistant with WDU. Jessica has over 10 years of teaching experience from preschool to special education and is currently a Special Education teacher in the Charleston area.

"Training your dog takes time and dedication but results in the best bond and highest level of trust! It’s a lifelong commitment that builds and solidified relationships like no other activity."

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Carson Seabrook

Carson has worked with dogs in the animal care industry for 7 years. At WDU, she assists in group training classes. Starting at doggie daycares she quickly learned that working with dogs was her passion. She  is currently on the Behavior Team at Charleston Animal Society helping provide enrichment, assessments, and doggie play time for shelter dogs.

"I love helping people understand how to better communicate with their dogs. Watching the trust and bond that grows through positive reinforcement training is always so special!”

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Adrianna Toslluku

Adrianna is the Marketing Coordinator at Wonder Dog University. Adrianna loves working with animals especially dogs, even though she has two cats of her own! As Marketing Coordinator, Adrianna will contribute to existing marketing programs while also taking on the day-to-day administrative tasks. She will be the initial point of contact for client training inquiries via email and phone as well!

"I've always believed that although dogs aren't around for your whole life, they make your life whole and that's why it is essential to take care of them in all aspects of life, which includes training!" 

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“Respect the individual dog and person. Strive for progress. Provide excellence.” 

-Wonder Dog University