Specially designed to train a dog not to bark, growl, lunge or “lose it” on walks. The ultimate class for building impulse control!

"Scylla is finishing up Agility 2 and has been the star of the class. Your classes have made her into a whole new dog!!"

Brittany Dashnaw
with Scylla

"The course was perfect for my big guy. The personal attention was exactly what he needed."

Jenni Tyler
with Buffet

"I was afraid that my “Jekyll and Hyde" dog would be too reactive to other dogs to be able to participate. She was great in class, thanks mainly, I believe, to the well thought out, strategic arrangement."

Beth Stevenson
with Lily

"Ashley and I can't thank you enough for everything you helped us learn in Reform School! Walk time used to be scary and fraught because Ashley would be barking at other animals and pulling on the leash. But would you believe it, now we're relaxed and actually having FUN!!! I was nervous about doing a training class online - especially one about how not to freak out around other dogs - but it actually worked out fantastic. I will be recommending Wonder Dog to everyone I know!"

Abigail Appleton
with Ashley

"My favorite part of class was seeing Gus’ improvement outside of the class. It's like a little light bulb goes off in his head and he says "oh I’ve got this." We can take Gus for walks through the neighborhood. He knows we have his back. Once we see the trigger, we are prepared on our end so he has a positive response not a negative one. The class gives you the tools to help your dog navigate his scary perceptions of his environment. It will give you more control in a difficult situation where so much depends on how your dog responds. Having a reactive dog does not mean you need to be a shut in. Having a reactive dog that has gone through this class gives you the chance to experience life with your dog. Months after Gus completed class, I was surprised at how much he has retained. Only once a month we may practice, and he responds each time. Everyone was always so encouraging. If one person had a question C.C. would answer it for all to hear. You helped a scared/nervous dog become a more confident dog. You set Gus up for success. That is what great dog training is: setting the dog up for success."

Carolyn Mauk
with Gus

Dog aggression behavior can be embarrassing.
Bring the joy back to your daily dog walks!

This dog training is power packed for those ready to dig in and make real, lasting dog manners changes.
Loaded with resources and exercises that build impulse control and push you and your dog’s brain and muscle memory. Check it out below!


Don't miss out. This specialized class is only offered a few times a year with a very limited class size for focused work. These sessions fill quickly!


  • Minimize embarrassing and upsetting public melt-downs.

  • Manage your dog’s home environment for better walks.

  • Reduce stressors and discover hidden reasons for dog aggression.

  • Adopt cool training tools and skills the pros use to train a dog not to bark.

  • Discover your dog’s hidden genius.

  • Have fun again!!!

Trainer magic? Nope. Over many years working with these behaviors we’ve crafted incredible tools that you can put to use right away for real life changes:

  •  Includes… 
    • Changes you can make today to increase peace at home and on walks.
    • How and when to use management instead of training.
    • Understanding the long term health effects of stress.
    • Discover why these dog aggression behaviors occur.
    • Learn your dog's secret body language to get ahead of the behaviors. Mind blowing!
    • and MUCH MORE you will utilize for a more joyful life with your dog.
  • Carefully planned curriculum taught by experienced, credentialed trainers.
  • Weekly video and written tutorials for practice at home.
  • Real life class environment to safely practice with other dogs.

Reform School does more than train a dog not to bark. It's for dogs who lack self control. Your dog may be unable to settle down or is even lunging, barking, or growling when frustrated, seeing other dogs or people. We will show you how to teach your dog to encounter and calmly walk by other dogs or people without these problem behaviors.


  • One Private In-Person Initial Consult in your home environment.
  • Training Foundations,
  • Pro Training Gear Guide,
  • Focus Skills,
  • Advanced Leash Handling,
  • Management Strategies,
  • Behavior Modification Exercises.

WHEN: Class - 5 consecutive Saturdays, 9am. Each class is 1 hour long.
               Private Consult - 1 hour Private In-Person training consult.
LOCATIONS: Class - In-Person Class on Daniel Island, SC. Specific Locations
                         provided upon registration.
                        Private Consult -  at your home, scheduled at your convenience
                        prior to class. Link to schedule provided in your Reform School Class
                        confirmation email.
PARTICIPANT FEE:  NEW CLIENT with your dog - $445
                                      CURRENT CLIENT with your dog - $325
AUDITOR FEE: Without your dog $225
PREREQUISITE: NEW CLIENTSPrivate In-Person, Initial Consult, included in class registration. Your registration confirmation will provide a link to schedule your In-Person Initial Consult.

NOTE: Wonder Dog University uses modern, science-based behavior modification techniques. NO choke, slip or prong collars are permitted in class.

Register for upcoming class dates.
Class size is very limited & held only 4 times a year.
Register early to save your spot!


Jennifer tells us how she and Phoebe have benefitted from the class... even as an Auditor!


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