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Puppy Classes!

Every age and need covered!
Class size kept small, using only modern methods with decades of experience and a big love of pups and their people.



They are also developmentally fragile and can take a great deal of effort. 

Wonder Dog University uses only Modern Training and behavior modification methods.
No force or slip, prong or e-collars ever... with great results!

We'll take you step by step through all you need to know.
We've worked with thousands of puppies, studied their special needs
and developed these puppy classes to guide you and your pup through their ever changing behaviors.
Take the guesswork out of raising a happy puppy and keep yourself sane at the same time.

Every class is kept small for more attention, packed with real-life, practical resources, skills exercises, a super supportive trainer and assistant plus written and video tutorials to make the most of it all.

It's easier with a pro by your side.


Individual Puppy Classes
Returning Soon. Stay Tuned!


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7 - 16 weeks
Sets pups up for success, confidently experiencing their world with support. Clean, safe location for the young pups.


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5 - 11 months
Take your pup's skills to the next level. Focus and proof their response to  verbal cues and response times under distraction


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With over twenty years spent working with puppies of all ages, we’ve realized most pups and their people don't know what they need to do to boost their chances of a smooth life together.

No one hands you The Ultimate Manual on all things puppy. Then suddenly, it's catch-up time. Overwhelm can take effect, fast! Your new little friend may be more rambunctious, mouthy, jumpy or vocal than anticipated. Oh, and then there's housetraining! Finding yourself sleep-deprived and covered with war wounds from those sharp puppy teeth? Perfectly normal, but we can help.

We've crafted incredible tools you can put to use right away, and bring a little order back into your life:

Each Puppy Class Includes…

  • Safe, clean environment for the youngest pups to learn and practice with other pups and their people.
  • Carefully planned curriculum taught by caring, experienced & credentialed trainers.
  • Helpful class assistants in each class, for extra attention, guidance and support
  • A huge amount of resources and guidance, plus¬†weekly video and written tutorials, specific to your pup's age and needs.
    • What's normal puppy behavior, what's not - and what to do in each case.
    • Changes you can make today to increase peace and order at home.
    • How and when to use management instead of training to make it easier.
    • Training that meets your¬†needs in your pup's current developmental stage.
    • Crucial socialization tips, so you understand how to do it right.
    • Puppy body language knowledge, so you can learn to decode your pup's behaviors. Mind-blowing!
    • and SO MUCH MORE you will utilize for the life of your pup - all the way into adulthood!

The #1 reason for puppy or dog surrender is the development of behavioral issues.
Training saves lives.