Let's Teach You How to Train Your Dog at Home!

Private dog training gets focused results fast - basic skills to problem solving! Address your pup or dog's behavior where it's happening - at home, on walks, at the park, wherever you need your dog to behave.

We all want a pet we can be proud of in any real-life situation. In Private Consults, Wonder Dog University will teach you and your pet the Modern Training Methods that get quick and long lasting results. Set yourselves up for a lifetime of success!




  • Customized programs.
  • Personalized attention.
  • Focus on the needs you outline.
  • In-Home Convenience.
  • Full family participation for optimum effectiveness.
  • Detailed follow up lesson plans.

Successful training requires consistency with your dog, so WonderDog University invites the whole family to take part in the training! Your individualized training program is suited to your dog’s environment, personality and your own learning style. Wonder Dog University even has experience teaching pets with physical impairments such as hearing and vision loss.

Not certain which package best serves your dog's needs? No problem!
Grab a New Client Initial Consult An Initial Consult gives us an opportunity to accomplish several things;

  • Make a clear assessment of your dog’s behavior,
  • Consider training options based on your needs,
  • Share tips to get you some immediate relief,
  • And, of course, answer your immediate pressing questions.

We support Rescues and Shelters! Schedule and read details about Behavior Assessments on our Helping Rescues & Shelters page.

Serving these areas in Charleston, South Carolina:
Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms, Sullivans Island, Daniel Island, Downtown Charleston, West Ashley & James Island.

Outside these areas? Take advantage of dog training online. Get focused results without delay from the comfort of home! Access Live Online Training! 


With a few new communication skills taught to you and your dog, most problem behaviors can be greatly improved upon, if not  resolved. Learn why these behaviors occur and how to get your dog's brain back with easy cues and fun expectations.

  • Reactive Aggressive Behavior: Lunging at dogs, cats or people while on leash.
  • Shy and Anxious dogs – Fearfulness with strangers or new experiences.
  • Integrating a new pet with an existing dog or cat.
  • Separation Anxiety Programs for the longest lasting improvements.

If certain behaviors are holding you and your dog back from enjoying life together in your home or out on the town, let’s address those items and get you both back to the fun!

  • Rowdy Behaviors: jumping, darting out the door, counter-surfing, pulling on lead, etc.
  • Destructive Behaviors: Inappropriate chewing or scratching, inappropriate elimination, digging, etc.
  • Nuisance Behaviors: Chasing of kids/cars/bikes, excessive barking or howling, etc.
  • Resource Guarding of food, toys or spaces from humans or other pets.


Your four-pawed friend wants to be engaged with you, his most beloved friend, so have fun with them and start training today! It’s so worthwhile seeing pets become energized to do something new. To them, it’s not training. It’s a new game full of excitement and rewards.

PUPPIES - starting at 8 weeks of age.

Puppies are like sponges and will learn both good and bad habits very easily. This is the best time to start teaching your friend excellent manners, the skills that will keep him or her out of harm’s way and lay the foundation for a strong bond between you. You will be surprised at how much a young pup can learn, especially in a Private Consultation setting.


Adult dogs are happy to learn! Yet, just like us, they can develop undesirable habits or lose skills for lack of practice or motivation. What may seem like a stubborn dog who won’t come when called, Wonder Dog University knows  that dog has great focus. We simply need to redirect it back to you through motivation and new skills. We offer solutions, not just training and equip people with a deeper understanding of how their canine companions learn and the importance of clear, positive communication in the relationship.


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