Group Puppy and Dog Classes


Only Wonder Dog University students
are allowed this Premium Bonus!

Because it's THAT important.

With each puppy class, you get access to
our Puppy Socials, the Canine Country Club!

We are so confident Wonder Dog pups
are learning 
how to properly interact with
other pups, that
 we welcome them and
their people into this opportunity 
to continue
learning from each other during play.

Specially Designed for Every Age!

Provided by certified trainers, using only the most modern methods, decades of experience and a big love of dogs and their people.

Puppy Preschool

7 - 18 weeks
Jump in any time! Set your pup up for success experiencing their new world with confidence and support. Clean, safe environment.


Puppy Kindergarten

12 - 18 weeks
Teach your pup important basic skills in this off-leash class, using play as a reward to get them to want to focus on you! 


Puppy Elementary

18 weeks - 8 months
Use games and tricks to sharpen pup's response to verbal cues as they mature into adolescence becoming independent.


Puppy Junior High

6 - 18 months
Take your teenager from crazy pants to calm harnessing that energy and wild child brain, building impulse control.


S.T.A.R. Puppy Testing

After completing Elementary Class, why not test for your pup's first AKC certification?! It's fun and rewards you and your pup for all you've learned together!


CGC Testing

Grab your AKC Canine Good Citizen certification. Proudly show the world you're a great team or ready for therapy work. Earn discounts too!



Think your dog is beyond help?

That's a rare thing. This class has helped hundreds of people and their dogs to reduce embarrassing, and potentially unsafe, tantrums and improve impulse control. Get back on track with transformational exercises, management and advice that will bring the joy back to your walks together.


Not Sure What Your Pet Needs?

Let's talk about it!

Special Thanks to Jeanne Taylor Photography and Moose's Mom, De, for use of the photo, "Moose with Kisses."


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